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    The end is the best place to begin

    Marketing is essentially telling your brand’s story. However, the way we tell stories has dramatically changed. Gone are the days of the 30-second television commercial. Marketers are now charged with conveying their brand’s message in 10-15 seconds, due to the shortened attention spans of consumers and increased competition for their attention.

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    ‘Permission Marketing’ turns another decade older but are marketers any wiser?

    It’s almost inconceivable that Seth Godin’s book, Permission Marketing, was released almost twenty years ago. It was 1999, back when: many Americans were worried about Y2K, Jeff Bezos was named TIME magazine’s Man of the Year and Matthew McConaughey was arrested for playing the bongos in the nude. Yet even today, Permission Marketing continues to inspire marketers to forego short-term, quick profit tactics in favor of long-term relationship building that yields far higher profits, loyalty, and lifetime customer value.

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    Throughout my career thus far as a graphic designer, I’ve focused on creating beautiful campaigns to help direct an audience about how to think about an organization, an event or a product. However, to cut through the noise, capture the attention of your target market and engage a prospective customer, you must evaluate the data behind your marketing campaign. To focus on the art of your marketing without applying analytics is throwing your company’s money to the wind.

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    Throw caution to the wind — buy the palette

    This week I did something some people would say is crazy. I bought an eyeshadow palette with a price tag of $125. But it’s not just any eyeshadow palette, it’s the latest offering from legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, the Mothership V. I share this Achilles heel with many other people who enjoy her brand. Pat McGrath Labs, the official name of her makeup line, is now worth over $1 billion…and it’s only three years old.

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    White space, the new frontier

    We live in a boisterous world. Our phones are continually chirping and chiming with the latest tweets, social media notifications and breaking news headlines. A fraction of these updates is useful or even necessary. Most are merely distractions that prevent us from being fully engaged with the things that are important. Yet the demands for our attention are constant. In our over-stimulated lives, free space is a luxury. As marketers, we can make this precious commodity available to our audience in the form of white space in our advertisements.


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