• Marketing Communication,  Music

    Music makes mad men (and women) take notice

    While I read, I enjoy listening to atmospheric electronic music. The lack of lyrics keeps me from getting distracted and the progressive beats keep me alert and focused. Coincidentally, while studying about various marketing communication formats, “A Beautiful Mine” by RJD2 came on over the stereo. Most people don’t know the tune by name, but if they heard the first few beats they would immediately envision the opening credits of AMC’s five-time Golden Globe-winning tv drama, Mad Men — that is the sheer transporting power of music.

  • Design,  Marketing Communication

    Boring graphics are a misteak

    Infographics tell a story about complex data. If researchers want their target audience to digest that data, they should make it appetizing. Combining artistic mediums in infographics achieves that goal. Just like there’s a price to pay for a trained 4-star Michelin chef to correctly prepare a Japanese Kobe steak, there’s an additional cost involved when you incorporate specialized graphics and photographs to create a story about your data.


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