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    Shiseido / Tory Burch co-op could be the crème de la crème of co-branding

    We’ve all heard the old adage, “Two heads are better than one.” I, for one, experienced the accuracy of this statement during grad school. Getting an outside opinion(s) almost always yielded a better outcome. Likewise, in many cases, two companies are better than one. Tory Burch and Shiseido are betting on that to be the case in their joint venture. On August 7th, the two brands announced that they would be entering upon a long-term partnership agreement which would give Shiseido the exclusive worldwide license to develop, market and distribute Tory Burch beauty products. The agreement will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020. The two brands have very different stories…

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    More women are enjoying the view from the “C suite”

    School is out, and commencement is right around the corner. And, while the stress of group projects, research papers, and quizzes are a thing of the past, there is a new source of stress looming around the bend for some graduates – the anxiety of the job search. For women seeking executive-level positions, such as CMO, CEO, or COO, the outlook is rather grim. While women account for 48% of entry-level positions, just 23% of the “C suite.” It’s unfortunate that corporate America is struggling to break free of its patriarchal roots, but it’s encouraging to know that some companies are doing a better job of adapting to the pace…

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    The end is near(er): a sign of the times for marketers

    As marketers, we know we should begin every campaign with the end in mind. You want to have an end goal established so you know whether or not your marketing efforts were successful. At the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference (#DBAMiami), Britney Muller challenged me to think about a different end in mind – how people consume your content. For instance, if your product is a new line of cosmetics, there’s a good chance your target audience will want to see a tutorial on how to use them. In that case, you wouldn’t recommend the company utilize a LinkedIn article to introduce their product line when watching YouTube videos…

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    Mastering the art of the nudge

    As marketers, it’s our job to influence purchase decisions. Connecting with consumers with a relevant, customized message at the right time on the road to conversion is crucial. However, when we nudge them towards a purchase, we don’t want to rub them the wrong way. There’s a fine line between influencing and an invading someone’s privacy.

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    How do they do that?!

    I think the ultimate response from a customer is, “How do they do that?!”  How does that company provide such a high-value product (or service) at such a low price? It’s not often I experience this reaction to a brand, but I always highly recommend the brand when I do.

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    “Word of mouth” has gone digital

    According to Google, 85% of people will research a product online before purchasing it. And frequently, when they go online, they’re not just seeking information about the product’s features or to find out what store has the product in stock. They’re looking for product reviews. Online product reviews have become the “word of mouth” of the digital age.

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    Throw caution to the wind — buy the palette

    This week I did something some people would say is crazy. I bought an eyeshadow palette with a price tag of $125. But it’s not just any eyeshadow palette, it’s the latest offering from legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, the Mothership V. I share this Achilles heel with many other people who enjoy her brand. Pat McGrath Labs, the official name of her makeup line, is now worth over $1 billion…and it’s only three years old.


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