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    Why we can’t believe every single thing Simon says

    Simon Sinek’s viral TED talk, “Start with the Why” is, at first glance, very impressive. In ten minutes, he offers a very simplistic answer to a complex question which marketers have wrestled with for decades – why do consumers behave the way they do? Throughout the video, Sinek repeatedly insists that “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” He asserts the reason is biological, and that different parts of our brains take over when making decisions, and that we tend to go with our gut reactions when deciding on a purchase. There are several problems with this theory.

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    Keep an eye on the PPI and the KPI

    You’re in your car, making the commute to work. Suddenly the tire pressure warning light on the dashboard comes on. So, at your earliest opportunity, you head to your mechanic so he can inspect your tires. He discovers the problematic tire – which has been impaled by a nail — and promptly patches it. Moments later, you’re back on your way. Had you delayed in responding to the warning, the consequences would have been direr and, eventually, you would have had had a blowout.


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