Hi! My name is Georgianne, but you can call me Gigi. I’m a South Florida-based Communications Director who has been working in the graphic design, marketing, and advertising industries for more than with 15 years.

I enjoy collaborating with teams to develop a brand image and creating eye-catching and engaging designs for print and web. I have a natural design sensibility and strong aesthetic when it comes to working with color, layout, and typography. Most of my design work has been with non-profit organizations, but fashion and cosmetics are two industries I’ve also explored extensively through part-time employment and independent study.

A few things I enjoy: running (for fun and competition), reading, listening to podcasts (I’m an addict), art, fashion, wine, travel, volunteering in the community (especially with veterans and the elderly), serving at my church, honing my Italian and catching up on the Walking Dead. But I barely have time for any of these things since starting my Master’s in Marketing degree at FIU in the fall of 2018. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Please take a look at my resume for additional information.