The Road to Brand Distinction is Congested with Competition

When I say “cosmetics” names like Cover Girl, L’Oreal and MAC probably come to mind. These brands are established and are top of mind for most people who use cosmetics. But they didn’t gain their status in the beauty industry overnight. In Hector Hernandez’ talk at the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference (#DBAMiami), he emphasized how important a brand’s strength is for generating website traffic, and ultimately, conversions. The websites for the previously mentioned brands attract millions of visitors each year, and these visits often translate into millions of dollars in sales. Transitioning from being a “generic” to a “well-known” brand requires getting in front of your prospective customers over and over again through the use of omnichannel ads, informational blogs, the utilization of influencers and word of mouth. Gaining the love and attention of your desired customers isn’t easy, but it is possible with persistent marketing efforts.

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