The end is near(er): a sign of the times for marketers

As marketers, we know we should begin every campaign with the end in mind. You want to have an end goal established so you know whether or not your marketing efforts were successful. At the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference (#DBAMiami), Britney Muller challenged me to think about a different end in mind – how people consume your content. For instance, if your product is a new line of cosmetics, there’s a good chance your target audience will want to see a tutorial on how to use them. In that case, you wouldn’t recommend the company utilize a LinkedIn article to introduce their product line when watching YouTube videos is how most of their ideal customers discover new beauty products.

So, while it’s important to establish goals for your marketing efforts, it’s equally essential to give some thought to how consumers shop for your particular product or service. After all, if they don’t find you when they’re searching, you can’t meet them at their point of need. If your paths don’t intersect, your marketing campaign was in vain.

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