Mastering the art of the nudge

As marketers, it’s our job to influence purchase decisions. Connecting with consumers with a relevant, customized message at the right time on the road to conversion is crucial. However, when we nudge them towards a purchase, we don’t want to rub them the wrong way. There’s a fine line between influencing and an invading someone’s privacy. Recently, while driving home from work, I received a push message on my cellphone from one of my favorite beauty retailers. It read, “Hey beautiful! You’re so close! Stop by our location at (insert store address here) and finish your purchase!” It then showed a map with my location in relation to the store nearest me and a list of products I had added to my online shopping cart earlier that day. Needless to say, I was creeped out. I felt violated.

I learned a valuable lesson in marketing that day. It’s imperative that we ensure that our marketing efforts are customer-centric and useful to the individual, and not just a ploy to garner a purchase. That way brands build trust with each nudge and don’t slowly push customers away.

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