Why customer relationships should matter to marketers

Consumer behavior dictates marketing strategies. It really is as simple as that. Fortunately for marketers, science shows that people are easily influenced at the subconscious level. With a little work, they can be persuaded at the conscious level if you can speak to their immediate pain points at the appropriate time in the customer’s journey.

What companies do after they obtain their customers is even more important than the measures they took to reel them in. According to Rightnow Technologies, 73% of customers leave a brand because they are dissatisfied with customer service. Additionally, it costs 500% more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a current customer. Keeping customer preferences and potential problems central in your marketing efforts is essential for brands to stay competitive.

With so much to lose, it could be argued that customer service is the most important aspect of branding. It allows customers to know what kind of treatment they can expect from a company. The policies a brand puts in place should be consumer-centric and invoke feelings of confidence and trust. Because, as studies have shown, if a customer doesn’t feel cared for they’re out the door.

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