Is the ‘Hook’ harmful?

In his book, Hooked, Nir Eyal explains the Hook Model – a formula he developed to explain why users of particular products feel compelled to keep coming back for more. The model consists of four progressive steps: trigger, action, variable reward and investment. It’s hard to think about the Hook Model without social media coming to mind. For many people, checking their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram, have become as reflexive an activity as turning on the lights upon entering a room.

While some experts say this addiction to online interaction is harmless, others refer to it as “digital heroin.”  Simon Sinek goes so far as to claim that Millennials are in danger of becoming addicted to the instant gratification they’re exposed to, via social, dating, and shopping apps, since birth. This interview with Sinek is worth the watch:

For ethical marketing leaders, the challenge will continue to be intertwining prevalent technology into new product campaigns in a way that is effective yet does not promote self-destructive behavior. The desire to leave a positive impact on society must always circumvent the pull of profit. After all, campaigns built upon ideas and activities that are ultimately unhealthy do not endure.

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