License to thrill: adventures in email marketing

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson calls email a “secret weapon.” I, for one, wholeheartedly agree. Just today I had an email assail me and aggressively demand $40…or else. In actuality, I opened an email from Ulta and before I knew it, I went to their website and spent $40 I had no intention of parting with when I woke up this morning. Email can be a very effective and cunning tool in the marketer’s arsenal. But it should be wielded with caution. First, you need to make sure you have your intended target’s permission to reach out to them. Next, marketers who want to keep their customers engaged must ensure the content of the email is useful. Last, you should space the timing between emails appropriately. Send emails too often and you run the risk of overwhelming your customers and having them opt out. Send too few and you are probably diminishing the potential lifetime value of your customers. Thrill them sporadically with free gifts and exclusive offers and you might just convert a customer into a fanatic.

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