Can of soup, $5. Celebrity endorsement: priceless.

It’s Sunday night, and I just ordered my groceries for the week through Instacart (if you haven’t tried this grocery delivery service yet, I highly recommend you do).  I decided to try a new and unfamiliar brand of soup, just because of the celebrity name on the label. That name was Oprah. I felt confident that, if Oprah put her name on it, it had to be good. As a matter of fact, I expect it to be delicious. Oprah is one of those rare public figures whose positive reputation has endured for decades. Though many have tried, no one has been able to effectively soil the media mogul’s good name. Celebrity endorsements can be risky. They involve a brand resting its reputation on the shoulders of a very ‘human’ athlete, actor or personality. In a time when every move a person makes in public can be recorded and instantly uploaded, it’s even more impressive when someone like Oprah can keep such a stellar reputation, and strong fan following, for almost half a century.

Have a soup-er day, friends!

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