How do they do that?!

I think the ultimate response from a customer is, “How do they do that?!”  How does that company provide such a high-value product (or service) at such a low price?

It’s not often I experience this reaction to a brand, but I always highly recommend the brand when I do. Tonight, I am pondering this question after just opening my December box from BoxyCharm. The subscription service costs only $20 per month, yet I receive *4 or 5* products each month valued anywhere from $15 to $45. So I’m left wondering, “How do they do that?!” How do they sustain a profitable business by spoiling their customers to such a degree? Which also has me thinking about business partnerships, and how they are just as vital to a brand as the value they bring to the customer. BoxyCharm knows how to leverage partnerships. And I am reaping the benefits.

You can too. Check them out.

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