Survey says!

My first experience with surveys was courtesy of the TV game show, Family Feud, which I watched religiously when I was a kid. (I can still hear host Richard Dawson’s raspy voice in my head). Later, in my teenage years, it was the reader surveys in Glamour magazine which enlightened me to the fact that thighs were the body part 63% of girls most self-conscious about and that only 32% of guys prefer girls who wear glasses. (I stopped wearing my glasses the next day). I always saw surveys as methods of entertainment and sources of amusement.

As a marketer, I’ve learned that surveys can serve a more profitable purpose. A well-crafted market research survey can help a brand better understand many aspects of their target market. And, the more a marketer knows about their ideal customer, the better equipped they are to create a relevant product offering at the right price point and at the appropriate time in the buyer’s journey. So, even though market surveys aren’t for purposes of entertainment, I hope researchers strive to create surveys that are as painless as possible.

Remember, a fun survey is a done survey.

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