The end is the best place to begin

Marketing is essentially telling your brand’s story. However, the way we tell stories has dramatically changed. Gone are the days of the 30-second television commercial. Marketers are now charged with conveying their brand’s message in 10-15 seconds, due to the shortened attention spans of consumers and increased competition for their attention. Oh yeah, another thing – most of these consumers watch commercials on mute so not only do marketers have a smaller window with which to capture the attention of their ideal customer, they have one less sensory opportunity in their tool belt as well. For all these reasons (and more) it is critical for every marketer to begin with the end in mind when developing their campaigns. Forward-thinking allows marketers to make optimal use of their hard-fought budgets and create a campaign that is more likely to win over customers. Beginning with the end in mind is one of the most intelligent tactics a marketer can incorporate in their plan. And best of all – it doesn’t cost a thing. But failing to do so can cost you everything.

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