In a loud world, silence sells

In the article, “Silence is Golden: why companies are turning to muted ads,” Hope Horner explains that effective commercials tell a story and, to create a compelling story without sound, you should include powerful imagery. While surfing YouTube recently, I came across an ad from Jack & Jones, starring Christopher Walken, that achieves both. (You can check it out here). We learn how their sweaters are (supposedly) produced and the image of Walken’s fingers snipping the yarn is likely to stay in the minds of those who watch. You get the impression that each sweater produced is one-of-a-kind and of excellent quality (instead of being mass-produced in factories in China). And you glean all this information without a single word being uttered during the ad.

By utilizing silence, the commercial captivates and provides a respite for the viewer’s busy day. “In a loud world, silence sells,” claims Daniel A. Grossman. I imagine Jack & Jones saw an influx in business after this ad was released. The brand chose a well-cultivated approach to attract the business of their notoriously fickle millennial audience. Regardless, I hope to see more marketing campaigns utilizing this quiet approach to selling. It’s captivating and refreshing.

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