‘Permission Marketing’ turns another decade older but are marketers any wiser?

It’s almost inconceivable that Seth Godin’s book, Permission Marketing, was released almost twenty years ago. It was 1999, back when: many Americans were worried about Y2K, Jeff Bezos was named TIME magazine’s Man of the Year and Matthew McConaughey was arrested for playing the bongos in the nude. Yet even today, Permission Marketing continues to inspire marketers to forego short-term, quick profit tactics in favor of long-term relationship building that yields far higher profits, loyalty, and lifetime customer value.

In his book, Seth encourages marketers to develop marketing plans around communications that are anticipated, personal and relevant to the prospect. And, for many years, many companies took his advice…because it works. Unfortunately, we have recently seen a resurgence of some of the old, aggressive marketing tactics. However, instead of telemarketers calling home phones during family dinner to make a solicitation, today some clueless marketers are flooding our cell phones with unwanted robocalls. So, I am hopeful Seth will release a special updated 20th-anniversary edition of Permission Marketing. God knows the marketing world could use the reminder.

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