Crazy goals can lead to insane achievement

This month, seventy years ago, David Ogilvy founded his advertising agency. He was 38 years old and embarking in an entirely new direction in his career. Even so, he gave himself some lofty goals for his company to aspire to. He made a list of the five clients he wanted most. It contained five of the biggest consumer goods companies of that day: General Foods, Bristol-Meyers, Campbell Soup, Lever Brothers and Shell. It was a crazy ambitious goal. But sure enough, he eventually acquired all those companies and many more.

David Ogilvy has inspired me to write my very own dream scenario as a professional. He said, “Agencies are as big as they deserve to be.” I believe that goes for every other entity outside of advertising as well. I’d even go so far as to say you could insert your name in place of ‘agencies’ as well. “{Your name} is as big as s/he deserves to be.” Imagine if we all took ownership of that personalized proclamation. Our bucket list might turn into our 5-year plan. There’s power in committing your dreams to paper.

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