How the ‘Golden Circle’ helped Peloton cruise to success

In Simon Stanek’s TED Talk, “How great leaders inspire action”, he revealed how the world’s greatest leaders and organizations think, act and communicate in the same way. He codified his discovery in what he calls the ‘Golden Circle’. Great leaders, he explained, think from the inside out. The great leaders start with why and then proceed to the other layers of the circle: how and what. Starting with why in your marketing pitch is extremely effective because then your message goes straight to the decision-making part of your customer’s brain. When you know the ‘why’ it’s easy to buy.

Peloton must know Stanek’s Golden Circle secret too. Not once in their commercials do they list the numerous impressive features of their indoor cycling bikes. They don’t talk about how busy you are and how hard it is to find time to work out. They also don’t mention how many calories you’ll burn during a typical workout. What Peloton does is show you how easy it is to incorporate their bike into your lifestyle. There’s no shaming, no talk of broken New Year’s resolutions in a Peloton commercial – just fun beats and positive vibes to inspire you to keep moving forward because, as they put it, “every day is a chance to get closer to something inside that’s always been there.” Yes, Peloton sells a sleek, high-tech and highly reviewed indoor bike. But first, they sell you on the “you” you want to be.

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