Throw caution to the wind — buy the palette

This week I did something some people would say is crazy. I bought an eyeshadow palette with a price tag of $125. But it’s not just any eyeshadow palette, it’s the latest offering from legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, the Mothership V. I share this Achilles heel with many other people who enjoy her brand. Pat McGrath Labs, the official name of her makeup line, is now worth over $1 billion…and it’s only three years old.

What causes someone to drop a small fortune every time Pat’s Lab releases a new product? For me, it’s the impeccable quality I’ve come to expect from her line. The shadow pigmentation is rich, the colors are like none you’ve ever seen, and the finishes are prismatic and otherworldly. God doesn’t make any junk, and neither does Pat. I’m also mesmerized by the bold, avant-garde art, the metallic accents, and the oriental style tie fasteners on the product packaging. Opening a PML product for the first time feels like an adventure.

When McGrath created her line, she wanted to empower those who used her products to “explore a fearless, daring attitude towards makeup.” That’s why every product in the Labs line comes with the anti-warning, “use without caution.” And slowly, over time, that feeling of liberation leaks over into other aspects of daily life. And that is why I’m happy to pay the price.

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