White space, the new frontier

We live in a boisterous world. Our phones are continually chirping and chiming with the latest tweets, social media notifications and breaking news headlines. A fraction of these updates is useful or even necessary. Most are merely distractions that prevent us from being fully engaged with the things that are important. Yet the demands for our attention are constant.

In our over-stimulated lives, free space is a luxury. As marketers, we can make this precious commodity available to our audience in the form of white space in our advertisements.

I’ve spent 20 years as a graphic designer, and I’ve always appreciated the thoughtful use of white space in any layout. White space gives the eye a place to rest before it rebounds back to the intended area of focus (the product). White space is like a welcome mat for the person visiting an ad, inviting them to come in, look around and stay a while. Creative clutter, on the other hand, is like a hand shoved in their face at the door.

Often, as marketers, we communicate best when we say less. We stand out when we create contrast. White space accomplishes both.

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